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Oct 03, 2008


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I had to come back and visit this post when I was reminded of a home contractor/builder that is phenomenal - http://creativebuilding.com. Great people to work with and beautiful results.

Fantastic list here. Are these all local Littleton companies you have done business with? If not, I might suggest adding some more home/bathroom/basement remodeling services such as http://littletonbasementremodeling.com. They are really professional and as you can see from their site have done beautiful work. Alternatively there are is an up and coming remodeling team in the Springs we are working with, I might come back to you with their info if they do a good job on our countertops!

Thanks again for the great resource :)

I have used paintless dent repair services 2 times in my lifetime - first was PDR (their homepage is http://dentremovalphoenix.com/) with a recommendation from my close friend and the second was Dent Clinic-Paintless Dent Repair - Minor Dents, Hail Damage, Door Dings. Rick Tate 303-234-1948. Both places have SUPERB service and are fairly cheap. Thank you for the advice!

I was looking for someone who did custom decks in Denver and I found this great company! If anyone is interested you can find them here http:/www.americandreamdecks.net

Your write-up is truly informative. A lot more than that, it??s engaging, compelling and well-written. I would desire to see even far more of these types of fantastic writing.

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Sharp ideas and thoughts you have here. I'll strongly recommend your site to all my friends who are still looking for this information.

That is a really good list. Thanks for posting that. There is just about everything in there a homeowner will need.

This is such a nice,useful and informative post.Thank you very much for putting this up and sharing this knowledge of yours with others, I highly appreciate your gesture. The video too is very helpful..

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